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September 2010 - April 17, 2015

Fire Destroys Warehouse On 3rd Ave

Shattered Nightmares Haunted House was once located at 1011 3rd Ave, from 2010 to April 17, 2015, till an Arson burnt it to the ground.

Instead of giving up, letting one hateful person ruin everything I've dreamed of, I set out to do the impossible, Open up the fall of 2015.

With nothing but a few pallets left and the one thing that they couldn't burn in that building, George and Myselfs Ideas that dwell inside our twisted, demented Brains. So I contacted many Haunt companies, some I am really good friends with to this day, some put us down saying we were beggars, lets just say this, If the tables were turned, would you have asked for help? Or give up one of the most important things in your life, it was the only thing I knew to do after many haunt friends told me to ask the Haunt Industry, So I had to really put in a lot of work to find a building, something temporary to call our home, even if it was for a year, we just wanted to come back, even if we were smaller, not as scary, but that wasn't the case, with help from Haunt Companies, Haunt Owners and Many Local Sponsors we set off to build a Haunt in 6 weeks and pray it just gets us by, one door closed, and a new one opened well it did more than that, we ended up being named Indiana's Scariest Haunt and that right there tells you our dedication to show our fans we will never give up, an Award that 20 plus Haunted Houses in Indiana would Vie to be named in 2015, a lot of memories were made on 3rd Ave and there will be many more in our new home on Lafayette!

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