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How Shattered Nightmares was Created

My love for building Haunted Houses started back when I was young, my aunt Arlouine would always come get me after I was done trick or treating and we would go, just the two of us to haunted houses all around, so you could say she kinda warped this brain into what its become today and I love her for that.

I then started building Props at home and when I got out of school I found a group of people called the Terre Haute Jaycees, they are one of the other reasons I got into building Haunted Houses, I first started building graveyards in my yard, building tombstones, skeleton props, just so much stuff my yard was running out of room, so I helped with Terre Town Baseballs "A Haunting on Boston" its first year in 2009, and then after partnering with my cousin Tom Denny I got a chance to create my own and that is how Shattered Nightmares got its start in 2010, The next year Tom left us but George was always by my side, a partner I couldn't do it without, if he wasn't with me during the Fire when we lost everything and my other good buddy Tony, Shattered Nightmares would have been nothing but a memory, but my desire exceeded my expectations and we got an opportunity to build a temporary Haunt in a temporary building, but our deadline was 6 weeks, but fearing nothing we transported everything we had saved, 100 plus pallets 4ft x 9ft and some determination that after we looked back on it, we never knew we had set forth to do the unthinkable, open after losing everything 3 months prior with a lot of donated props from Haunt Vendors, local Companies and fellow Haunters, we took on the challenge that many said was not possible, we worked hard, every night, later into the night, going to our jobs tired but we made it thru, then 6 weeks later we finished what would be named Indiana's Scariest Haunt by Haunted House Review team, Team Zombillies an award that made both of us shed a tear once we found out we had won it, along with 4 other huge awards that year we proved why Shattered Nightmares should have risen from the ashes and now its our 10th year and we are already started on this years Haunts Revamp at our new location on Lafayette Ave and along the way we have built quite an Awesome Haunt Family.

© 2017 Shattered Nightmares

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