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Feedback from our Fans

Here we post the Feedback our fans leave us,

Will you see your feedback on here?

Need to give major props to the shattered nightmares family you guys have once again outdid yourselves.
 your house is the best in terre haute and cannot be topped.thank you for scaring the heck out of me, which
 Is hard to do.LOVE LOVE THIS HOUSE!!!! ALL MY FRIENDS CHECK IT OUT - Teresa Roseberry


Wow! Shattered Nightmares Haunted House, you guys did AMAZING The rooms were awesome! 

loved it!! - Paige Clouse

Just got back from Terre Haute. Checked out Shattered Nightmares Haunted House with some of the haunt crew. Definitely need to check it out if you haven't. - Alex Phipps

Went to the two haunted houses tonight wirh Sean. Got to say Tammy and Paco did amazing and everyone else too who helped out  Unfortunately the other one felt like a waste of our money . - Lacey Booe

We went last night it was great - Victoria Hogan

omg I wanted to curl up on the floor and stay there!! Lol I've never been scare of stuff like that but that one was a good haunted house!! - Candice

Shattered Nightmares Haunted House was AWESOME - Brittany Lyn McKibben

Loved it in fact I'm going to try and get a big group together and come again!! - Michael

Went last night. Screamed so LOUD and Hard. My throat hurts. I got jumped scared like 5 times in a row and Curled up in a ball when i got really freaked out. AWESOME HAUNTED HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that was a haunted house. -Anthony Charles Jones

WOW. What an amazing time I just had at Shattered Nightmares Haunted House, this was some awesome, scary happenings, and I thought to myself, I should have worn a posie pad, To the best crew, who were so great and scared the Bee Jeezes out of F*(^*%. me. Way to Go.  Hugs and Kisses - Bobbie K.

Absolutely LOVED the sets and the creativeness. - Keshia Pearman

I went to this haunted house Saturday night. it was awesome I have never screamed so loud before. it was very neat and creative...I have told one friend about you guys. Some of them are too chicken.  -  Carmen Joyce Ramos

Best haunted house all year and I went to all the one's in the area but there was only 1 that had me coming back for more and it was you guys. I can't wait till next year - Robert

I absolutely loved it!!! We went to shadow asylum first and it was a waste of money cause we kept bumping into other groups and actors weren't interactive and also we went through the drunk tunnel and nobody was even spinning it so that was a bummer. Shattered nightmares is my #1 fav haunt this year. Only thing I didn't like was how hot it was waiting in line and some people need to learn how to use deodorant. My 2 favs were the guy in the Jason mask who held my hand to lead me through a room and the clown that had little bells on his head. Also our tour guide was amazing. She didn't ruin anything for us and she was super friendly when we were outside. AWESOME JOB SHATTERED NIGHTMARES!!!!!! - Missy Wright

Worth the long wait in line! Holy Cow, I did nothing but scream, and also tried to run through a few walls in fear! Bravo! Plus our guide was awesome and the cast was terrifying and hilarious all at the same time....
See you next year! - Megan Lee McNeil

I had a blast well worth the 10$...and wanted to go again for a second night....AWESOME time!! - Margie Westfall

By far the best haunted house around here!! The actors are awesome!!! - Jane Lancaster

You guys did a phenomenal job this year!! I think going through you're haunt tonight I could say it's the best one I've been through!! You guys always do a fantastic job but this year was amazing! The wait is definitely worth it, because you guys always make it so interactive and enjoyable. You don't just rush people through to get them through, and the actors actually make an effort to interact and not just scare and move on. I am so glad you were able to overcome all the challenges you faced this year to come out on top! Shattered nightmares is by far my favorite haunted house in Terre haute and a must to see ever year! Can't wait till next year!! - Angela Garrett

I loved how interactive the actors were! Not just jump out, scream, go back to their spot. They did an awesome job! Lots of variety and imagination utilized in this haunted house. Great job! - Amy Walker

You could never tell they lost a lot in the fire, this is the scariest one they've done. The chainsaw guy comes out of no where and for a second I forgot it was all pretend. By far the best haunted house in Terre Haute. They do it best every time. - Holly Garner

My wife and I love haunted houses and have traveled to Anderson IN, Rantoul IL, Indianapolis IN to see some of what are supposed to be the best haunted houses with a 3 hour drive and we enjoyed Shattered nightmares more than any other - Eric Sones

Amazing! This was the best one I've been to. I don't get scared very easily and this place made me jump a lot!! So glad I went and it's totally worth it! Had so much fun! I'm totally making this a Halloween tradition side by side to the audience participation for rocky horror picture show. So excited to go next year! Can't wait!!!! - Dannille Huber

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